The Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, India’s longest-running annual Esports championship returns in 2020 for its 7th year.

With the new way of the world, the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup will be a completely online championship where we shall discover, promote and to reward the best Indian gamers and teams out there!

After six successful years of gaming extravaganza and successively tougher gaming competitions each season, this year TEGC promises to be bigger than any of its previous seasons and also have some new twists!

As new breeds of gamers have risen with new challenges and competitive spirit like never before, we have a new array of games to participate in for the teams fighting for ultimate glory.

So, as the world continues spinning, every day people continue their daily grind and pursue their usual professions in the post-covid world, we ask you - Gamers! What is your profession?

It’s time… Get ready to